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12 May, 2018
08:00 AM
Rockland State Park LOT #2
299 Rockland Lake Rd. Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Join us:

2018 Princeton Volleyball Tournament is around the corner!
We extend this warm invitation to your church’s youth group and to your young adult/college ministry.

Date: Saturday May 12, 2018
Rain Date: Saturday June 2, 2018
8:00 AM Check In
8:30 AM Praise, Message, Benediction;
9:00 AM First Game

Please register your group here
and have individual players sign a electronic waiver here


1. Each church must submit a registration form, all participant waiver of liability forms, and the registration fee.
2. Each player must fill out a participant waiver of liability form, without which the player will not be permitted to play (completed online).
3. Only members of your church may participate in the tournament. NO OUTSIDE PLAYER
OR COLLEGE STUDENT may play in the high school divisions. NO RINGERS IN ANY DIVISION!
4. Each player is limited to one of four divisions—Youth Boys, Youth Girls, Youth Co-Ed (at least 2 girls), or Young Adult Co-Ed (at least 2 females).
5. FIVB rules will be honored and followed. For example: a ball touching the tape/top of the net and going over is to be played; use of feet is OK, block is not considered a touch, etc.
6. Each team will play games within their respective bracket. Top two teams from each bracket will advance to the playoff round of single elimination— Playoffs—Championship Game.
7. During group play stage(s), each game will be capped at 15.
Each team is entitled to two time outs per set with a maximum of three player
a. substitutions per set.
8. A win is 2/3 sets for all games throughout the duration of the playoffs including the Championship Game. In the case of a tie for advancement to the playoff, point differential (margin of points for victory) will be employed to determine which team advances.
9. If you employ back row attacks behind the 10 ft line (3 m), that will be the “subjective-objective” call of the referee.
10. No warning for foot fault on serve, error on rotation or serve, and back row attack in
front of the 10 ft (3m) line. (Point will be award to the other team.)


1. If people do not check in by 8:30am, you will forfeit your first game FINAL! (No
2. If your team is more than 5 mins late for your next game, you will be forced to forfeit your next game!
3. Maximum of 2 Youth Co-ed teams per church may be registered.


1 team $150
2 teams $300
3 teams $450
4 teams $600
5 teams $750

1 Referee : $20 discount
2 Referee : $40 discount
**Last day for refunds 5/5. No refunds the day of the tournament.

Additional Information

Please try to carpool. There is an $8 parking fee.
Prepaid online parking pass is available for $8.
-Registration Ends 4/28. No onsite registration.
-Last day for refunds 5/5. No refunds the day of the tournament.
-Each Player waiver of liability forms must be completed online.
-Please refrain from private fundraising and solicitation through the tournament.
-We will be emailing schedules for each match played the week of the tournament (May 8th ), so that teams know in advance the court and times they will be playing on
-More info www.worshipas1.com or email Pastor Josh Lim (joshlim@worshipas1.com)
Phone: (201) 673-8106